Can I Add Just Text To My Tracfone?

Can you add service days only to Tracfone?

Did you know you can add 365 service days to your tracfone account.

Well you can.

Any time you minutes online, Tracfone offers you the option to add 1 year of service days for $49.99.

As far as I can tell from looking on is that the only offer this option when you add a refill card..

How many minutes does a text message use on Tracfone?

I’m receiving conflicting information. The S425G package states that three texts equal one minute of air time. So, with every text you send or receive, tracfone deducts . 30 minute.

Can you text for free on Tracfone?

If you like to text, you need to know how to get free unlimited text to a Tracfone. While you can get free unlimited text to some Tracfones, you cannot get free texting for all Trafones. Receiving texts can be free on some Tracfones.

Does Tracfone have a monthly fee?

But if you rarely use your phone and don’t need a lot of minutes (or any data), these plans start out on the cheap end of the spectrum compared to others. In fact, most competitors’ prices won’t drop below $25 per month, while TracFone’s basic phone plans start at $8.99 a month (with autopay).

What are TracFone service add ons?

TracFone has just unveiled a new service add-on for its customers….With this new service add-on available from TracFone, the options available include the following:$10 – Global Calling add-on.$10 – 500 Minute Card add-on.$10 – 1GB Data add-on.$5 – 1,000 Texts add-on.

What is the cheapest TracFone plan?

Basic phone:30 minutes (30 days): $9.99.60 minutes (90 days): $19.99.120 minutes (90 days): $29.99.200 minutes (90 days): $39.99.450 minutes (90 days): $79.99.400 minutes (365 days): $99.99.1,000 minutes (365 days): $159.99.1,500 minutes (365 days): $199.99.

How are texts counted on Tracfone?

The rate to send or receive a text message varies by Tracfone handset model and is disclosed on your Tracfone package. For most feature phones, the rate to send or open a text message is 0.3 units. … Text messages are charged at the rate of one (1) unit per text. Data is charged based on actual usage.

Does Tracfone have unlimited texting?

Tracfone has released some new 30-day smartphone plans. The new plans include unlimited talk and text plus data with unlimited carryover. Plans start at $20/month for unlimited talk and text with 1GB of data.

How do I retrieve text messages from my Tracfone?

How do I retrieve a text message? For instructions on how to retrieve a text message, select “Text Messages” from the “Service and Support” option of our website or simply click here. How do I delete a text message? Once the text message is open, the phone will display the option to delete the text message.

How many texts do you get with Tracfone?

For example, a 60 minutes “Pay As You Go” TracFone card redeemed on a smartphone will provide 180 minutes for voice, 180 text messages and 180 MB of data. Voice calls are charged at the rate of one (1) unit per minute. Text messages are charged at the rate of one (1) unit per text.

How much does a 1 year Tracfone card cost?

TracFone 1 Year – 0 Minute / 365 Access Days $49.99 (ES.

What happens when TracFone service days run out?

If your TracFone runs out of Airtime, you will need to add a TracFone Prepaid Wireless Airtime card to add more. … Adding more TracFone Airtime cards extends your active service 30, 90, or 365 days from the date the card is added, depending on the denomination of the Airtime card.