Can You Transfer Recordings From TiVo To USB?

How do I transfer recordings from TiVo to computer?

To start, simply launch the TiVo Desktop software on your PC.

You should see a button labeled Pick Recordings to Transfer.

Here you’ll see one of two lists; one that shows Now Playing (shows already transferred to your PC) and a My Shows list that shows recorded programming on your TiVo..

Can I copy from TiVo to USB?

The USB port on the TiVo can only currently be used with a keyboard. Digital data transfer is not possible via any port on the TiVo.

Can I transfer TiVo recordings to DVD?

Connect the video and audio outputs on your DVR to the video and audio inputs on your VCR or DVD recorder. … Insert a tape or writable DVD in the VCR or DVD recorder. Press the TiVo button, select Now Playing, highlight the show you want to save, and then press SELECT. Select More options > Copy to DVD or VCR.

Can I transfer DVR recordings to USB?

To copy the contents from the DVR to a portable flash drive, first copy the file from the DVR’s hard drive to the computer’s hard drive. … All the needed software for the computer is included with the digital transfer box, and the process will not negatively affect the DVR in any way.

Can you transfer recorded shows from TiVo to v6?

There’s been some confusion over this but, in a nutshell, you can’t, so if you’re swapping a TiVo packed with recordings for a shiny new V6 you will lose them when you hand over the box.

Can you transfer Comcast DVR recordings to a flash drive?

For your info, the USB port on the XFinity DVR is disabled and there’s no way to enable it. That’s why nothing happens when you connect a USB cable to it and your computer. Apparently, the only way to copy a video from the XFinity DVR is to play it back and record the playback with some capture card/device.

How do I backup my TiVo hard drive?

Turn on the TiVo and select “Yes, set up external storage device” to synchronize the external hard drive with the TiVo unit. After synchronizing the external hard drive with your TiVo, recordings will automatically be saved to your external hard drive as well as the TiVo’s internal hard drive.

Can I watch my TiVo on my computer?

With the proper hardware, TiVo subscribers can now stream their DVR shows from any laptop or desktop web browser. The new feature, called TiVo Online, launched this week without much fanfare. … The only catch is that users must be at home to watch live and recorded videos from their DVRs.

Can I transfer my TiVo recordings?

On the left side of the screen, use the drop-town menu to choose the TiVo box from which you want to transfer recordings. Select the recordings to transfer. On the right side of the screen, use the drop-town menu to choose the TiVo box you’d like to receive the recordings. Click “Transfer.”

Can I download recordings from my TiVo box?

Yes, you can download recordings to your mobile device in your home so that you can take them with you. To transfer shows to your mobile device, follow these steps: Sign in to the Cogeco TiVo App. … Select a recording and then tap Download.

Can I transfer shows from my TiVo to my computer?

Yes, with TiVo Desktop 2.5 or later, you can convert and transfer a video from your TiVo Desktop Now Playing List to your portable device.

How do I transfer recordings from TiVo to v6 box?

How to copy settingsGo to in with your primary My Virgin Media username and password.Click Copy TiVo Settings from the menu on the left.Choose the Virgin TV V6 or TiVo box you’d like to copy from. … Choose the box you’d like to copy the settings to.More items…

How do I transfer DVR recordings to my computer?

To use a capture device to copy shows, plug the device into your computer and then plug an HDMI or component cable from your DVR box to the device. From there, use either the video capture device’s included software to record the played back show on your DVR, or use another video capture software.

Can I watch my TiVo recordings away from home?

Out-of-home streaming lets you stream content from your compatible TiVo device at home to your iOS or Android device anywhere in the world! Finally, you can watch what you want—where you want to. See Copy Protection: FAQ for details.