How Do I Delete Apple News Magazines?

What magazines do you get with Apple news?

Apple News+ subscribers can access current and past issues and individual articles from magazines such as The Atlantic, Better Homes & Gardens, Bon Appétit, Condé Nast Traveler, ELLE, Entertainment Weekly, ESPN The Magazine, Esquire, Food & Wine, Good Housekeeping, GQ, Health, InStyle, Martha Stewart Living, National ….

How do I cancel a magazine subscription on my Kindle?

Canceling a Subscription If you want to cancel a subscription, you can do it from Manage Your Kindle. From Subscription Settings, click Actions for the subscription you want to cancel. Click Cancel Subscription.

How do I cancel my Men’s Health subscription?

Please call Customer Service at 1-866-387-0509 for immediate assistance.

How do I delete magazines from my iPad?

On your iPhone or iPod touch, tap News+ at the bottom of the app. On your iPad or Mac, go to the sidebar and tap or click News+. If you don’t see the sidebar, tap or click the sidebar button . Go to My Magazines, then tap or click the more button under the issue you want to remove.

How do I turn off the sidebar on my iPad?

How to Disable the Slide Over Sidebar on iPadOpen the “Settings” app on iPad and go to “General” section.Choose “Multitasking”Flip the switch next to “Allow Multiple Apps” to the OFF position.Exit the Settings app as usual by pressing the Home button.

How do I cancel my magazine subscriptions?

Here’s what to do when you’re faced with a tricky magazine subscription cancellation.Acquire copies of the death certificate. You’ll need a death certificate handy if you need to cancel your deceased loved one’s accounts and subscriptions. … Contact the company. … Post on social media. … Contact the Federal Trade Commission.

Is Kindle unlimited free with Prime?

Is Kindle Unlimited free for Prime members? Kindle Unlimited is not free for Amazon Prime users and still costs the same $9.99 monthly fee as it does for non-Amazon Prime users. With this subscription, you can read an unlimited number of books each month, but keep in mind you can only hold onto ten titles at a time.

Can you print from Zinio?

Currently there is no option to print a magazine from the web browser view. In order to print portions of a magazine, please use the Zinio Reader 4 for your desktop. While some publishers will allow printing of individual pages, very few will allow you to print the entire magazine. …

What is the best digital magazine subscription?

Comparing the five major digital magazine subscription servicesAmazon Kindle Unlimited. Amazon is the elephant in the room when it comes to digital reading. … Texture. Apple’s Texture includes access to somewhere north of 200 magazines, mostly mainstream publications such as Time, Wired, The Atlantic, and Sports Illustrated. … Zinio. … Magzter. … Readly.

How do I delete my Zinio account?

Cancel your account through their WebsiteGo to the following URL “”.Now you will be taken to SUBMIT A REQUEST page.On that drop-down menu list, select CONTACT CUSTOMER SUPPORT.Now fill the form as required.In the subject section, write “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT”.More items…

How do I get rid of the sidebar?

How to Remove Sidebar in WordPressLog into your WordPress dashboard.Go to Appearance > Widgets on the left side of your dashboard.Find the Sidebar area.Expand the widget section by clicking the down arrow.Then, click Delete.Repeat these steps until you’ve deleted all the widgets under the Sidebar area.

How do I get rid of Apple news sidebar?

All replies In landscape mode: To show or hide the sidebar on iPad or Mac, tap or click in the upper-left corner of the app. Thank you! That fixed it.

How do I permanently delete magazines on Zinio?

To permanently delete a magazine from your account, tap Edit Your Reading List and then tap on the X. Tap Done when finished.

What is the sidebar on Iphone?

The sidebar is just a swipe or a tap away. In portrait orientation, iOS hides the Files sidebar (like the Mail sidebar) by default. There are two ways to reveal it. One is to swipe right on any blank section of the main view.

Is the Apple news app free?

Apple News Revenue Apple News as we know it today is generally free. The app is pre-installed on iPhones, iPads, and Macs in countries where it’s supported, and there’s no fee for accessing Apple’s spotlighted content. Most publications also include free content for reading inside the app.