How Do I Find My Hard Drive Serial Number?

Do hard drives have serial numbers?

As with any warranty, you will likely need to identify your hardware first.

HDDs and SSDs are identified via their serial number.

If you don’t want to open your desktop or laptop to find the hard drive serial number from the command line..

What is the volume serial number of the hard drive?

The volume serial number is a 32-bit number determined by the date and time on the real-time clock on the current computer at the time of a disk’s formatting. Previously, determination by the OS of whether a disk was swapped was done by reading the drive’s volume label (much similar in concept to OS/360).

How do I find my Hwid command line?

On WindowsGo to the Start menu, then in the search box type “cmd” and hit Enter.In the cmd window, type “ipconfig /all”.Find the line that reads “Physical Address”. This is your Machine ID.

What is computer serial number?

A serial number is used to identify a computer. It is also used for ownership identification and for warranty purposes. The device serial number collectively ties up all of the other components that have individual serial numbers.

How many digits are in a serial number?

eightThe last letter advances through the alphabet when all eight character serial numbers have been printed for a specific Federal Reserve Bank within the same series. At the time of a series change, the suffix letter returns to the letter A and repeats the cycle.

How do I find my hard drive serial number windows 7?

To Find Serial Number of Hard Drives in Command PromptOpen a command prompt.Enter the command below into the command prompt, and press Enter. ( see screenshot below) wmic diskdrive get model,name,serialnumber.You will now see the model, name, and serial number listed for your hard drives.

Where is the serial number on my WD hard drive?

Check the Sticker Check for your external drive’s model number on the drive itself. Look on the side and bottom of the device for a sticker with a barcode. This sticker has a number labeled either “MDL” or “P/N.” This is your drive’s model number.

Is hard disk serial number unique?

Technically, a serial number is an integer from 1 to infinity. Anything else should be called an identification code, or simply an id. Hard disks “serial numbers” are a combination of manufacturer, model and serial number codes, so in practice, they should be unique.

How do I find my RAM serial number?

Checking memory serial numberOpen Start.Type Command Prompt, right-click the top result and select the Run as administrator option.Type the following command to retrieve the serial number for each memory stick and press Enter: … See the unique product identifier under the “SerialNumber” column.

How do I find out my hard drive specs?

Check the Hard DriveClick “Start.” Click “Computer” to open Windows Explorer. Right-click “C:” from the left pane.Select “Properties” from the menu. … Click the “Hardware” tab to view the drives installed to the PC. … Click the “Properties” button to view the name of the hard drive and device driver details.

How do I know if my WD hard drive is genuine?

One other way to check for fakes is to compare the date of manufacture on the label against the YYWW or YWW (Year / Week) date codes on the chips on the PCB. As for the one with the different appearance, you could check its PCB number against the known number for that model.

Is Product ID the same as serial number?

It is important to look for the term “Serial Number,” “Ser. No.,” or “SN” since there may be other numbers listed, such as the product ID, network ID, or UPC. … NOTE: In software, the term “serial number” may also be used synonymously with “activation key.” However, this has become less common in recent years.

How do I find my harddisk serial number?

Find Hard Disk Serial Number in Windows 10Open an elevated command prompt.Type or copy-paste the following command: wmic diskdrive get Name, Manufacturer, Model, InterfaceType, MediaType, SerialNumber .In the output, you’ll see the model, name, and serial number listed for the installed hard drives.

How do I find my computer’s serial number?

If Your Computer Turns OnOpen up the command prompt window on your computer. You can do this by searching for “cmd” or right clicking on the windows home icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.In the command window type in “wmic bios get serialnumber”. The serial number will then be displayed.

How do I change my hard drive ID?

Option 2: Using Hard Disk Serial Number Changer.Download Hard Disk Serial Number Changer.Right-click at HardDiskSerialNumberChanger.exe & select Run as Administrator.Accept the UAC warning message.Choose the disk that you want to change the Serial Number. … Type the new serial number at this form XXXX-XXXX.More items…•

How do I find the manufacture date of my hard drive?

Might be mentioned on the inside of the enclosure/case. Easier solution would be to check their warranty status online. If the expiry date is shown then subtracting the number of years each drive is under warranty for should give you the approximate manufacturing year.

How do I find out my hard drive size?

This method provides details of the hard drive(s) of the notebook PC using Disk Management in the Computer Management tool.Click Start and then Run.Type compmgmt. msc and click Ok.Under Storage, click Disk Management. The drive capacity is listed under capacity.

How do I know if my WD hard drive is under warranty?

Before you tread on to claiming your warranty, first check if it still has one. To do so you can go to this link, enter your product details, hit the submit button and check your product’s warranty status. If your product is still under warranty, it will display “In Limited Warranty” under Status.