How Do You Get A Marine Radio Check?

Do I need a VHF radio for my boat?

Recreational boats that are under 65 feet are not required to have a VHF radio.

If you have a marine radio on your boat, you do not need a license to operate it.

Although a radio is not legally required, you should have one for safety and convenience..

Is Marine Radio AM or FM?

It uses FM channels in the very high frequency (VHF) radio band in the frequency range between 156 and 174 MHz, inclusive. In the official language of the International Telecommunication Union the band is called the VHF maritime mobile band.

How far can VHF transmit?

A broadcasting TV station illustrates this. A typical VHF station operates at about 100,000 watts and has a coverage radius range of about 60 miles. A UHF station with a 60-mile coverage radius requires transmitting at 3,000,000 watts.

Is there a VHF radio app?

Install the Online Radio Box application on your smartphone and listen to VHF online as well as to many other radio stations wherever you are! Now, your favorite radio station is in your pocket thanks to our handy app.

What channel must you monitor on a VHF radio?

Channel 16All vessels must monitor Channel 16 when not using the VHF radio for other purposes.

What marine radio channel should I use?

Federal Communications Commission regulations require boaters having VHF radios to maintain a watch on either channel 9 or channel 16, whenever the radio is turned on and not communicating with another station. All non-emergency traffic should be communicated on another channel (not channels 9 or 16).

Can I use a marine radio on land?

That’s illegal. Marine VHF radios, whether fixed or handheld, may not be used on land, period. It’s the law. Once a VHF radio goes ashore, it cannot be used for marine band transmission (without a Coast Station License).

What is the best marine radio to buy?

Best VHF Marine RadioGarmin VHF 210 Marine Radio. Garmin VHF 210 Marine Radio. … Standard Horizon HX870 Floating VHF Radio. Standard Horizon HX870. … Lowrance Link-8 VHF Marine Radio. Lowrance Link-8. … Uniden MHS126 Submersible VHF Marine Radio. Uniden MHS126. … Cobra VHF Long Range Marine Radio. Cobra HH350.

Do you need a Licence to use a VHF radio?

The Marine Radio Short Range Certificate remains a legal requirement for the use of marine VHF. All radios require the user and the vessel to hold a relevant licence. The vessel’s licence is like a car tax disc, but is also the key to obtaining an MMSI number, which will uniquely identify your vessel.

What are the marine radio channels?

Intership Navigation Safety (Bridge-to-bridge). Ships >20m length maintain a listening watch on this channel in US waters….NOAA Weather Radio Frequencies.ChannelFrequency (MHz)WX1162.550WX2162.400WX3162.475WX4162.4253 more rows

How do you answer the radio?

Follow these easy steps to make a call.First, listen to ensure the channel is clear for you.Press the PTT (Push-To-Talk) button.After 2 seconds: Say “recipient’s call sign” twice. followed by “THIS IS” and “your call sign”.Once the person replies, convey your message.

What are the VHF channels?

In the US and Canada, the VHF television band occupies frequencies between 54 and 216 MHz and the UHF band between 470 and 890 MHz. In general, VHF channels are numbered 2 to 13 and UHF channels 14 to 51. However, the channel’s physical broadcast frequency is not always reflected by the channel number you see.

Do I need a radio Licence for my boat?

You need a licence for a VHF on a boat and a different one for the operator. Here you can find out how to apply and which licenses are relevant for you. The vessel’s licence is like a car tax disc, but it is also the key to obtaining an MMSI number, which will uniquely identify your vessel.

How do you test a marine radio?

You are encouraged to check your VHF radio by calling the station in your area. When you transmit on its channel, you will hear a recorded response and then hear a playback of your voice verifying that your radio is transmitting, modulating and receiving.

How do you use a marine radio?

To use your VHF, turn it on and pick a channel, set the squelch to the point where you don’t hear any white noise, and begin talking. Things to remember when you are on the radio: Monitor channel 16 when you are not actively in conversation with someone else.

How far can a marine radio transmit?

Your VHF radio is intended mainly for short range communications, generally 5-10 miles, and at least 20 miles to a USCG station. To communicate at longer ranges, you will normally need a satellite telephone or an MF/HF marine radiotelephone.

What do two short blasts of a horn mean?

Two Short Blasts – This means “I intend to leave you on MY starboard side”. … If you are behind another boat, going the same direction and about to overtake it, two short blasts means: “I intend to pass you on YOUR port side, MY starboard side.”

How do I request a VHF radio check?

The proper way to undertake a radio check is to contact the coastguard on the appropriate channel. In the Solent area Channel 67 is used. Check your almanac. If you want to call the coastguard on the calling channel use CH16, although they’ll probably send you to CH67.