Question: Can I Trade In My Sprint Phone For A New One?

What condition does your phone have to be in to trade in?

You must return your smartphone in good physical and fully functional condition.

See the examples section for pics of smartphones you can’t trade in.

You must buy a new, eligible smartphone on an eligible installment plan with qualifying service..

Can I trade my iPhone 7 for 11?

Users who own an iPhone X, iPhone 8, or iPhone 7 can trade in their devices for a new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max on a Vodacom Smart XS+ contract. This contract includes a monthly allotment of 350MB anytime data, 50 SMSs, and 50 minutes, as well as a once-off 20GB data bundle.

Can I trade my phone for a new one?

If your phone has any value, you have two ways to trade in the device: Trade in at a T-Mobile store: For the easiest trade-in experience, we encourage you to go to one of our stores to trade in your old device for a new one. Store locator.

Can I trade my iPhone 6 for an Iphone 11?

Here’s how it works just in time for iPhone 11 preorders, which start this Friday. Make sure you have whichever device you’re looking to trade in ready to go, and visit Apple’s trade-in website here. … (The program accepts every iPhone from the iPhone 6s to the iPhone XS Max and everything in between.)

What does Sprint do with returned phones?

Sprint owns the phone you’re leasing If you return your device in good, working condition, the device Purchase Option price will be credited to your account.

Can you trade in your phone for a new one at Sprint?

Sprint Buyback gives you up to $350 in account credit when you trade in your eligible old phone or tablet. … Even if your old device doesn’t qualify for a buyback credit, we’ll recycle it for you.

Do I have to trade in my phone to upgrade Sprint?

At the end of any lease term, you are required to turn in your current device or purchase your device. Once your Installment Agreement has been paid in full, you are eligible to upgrade to a new device. An upgrade fee of up to $20 may apply. … Savings cannot exceed the total purchase price of the Sprint device.

Can I return my Sprint lease phone?

Turning in your leased device At the end of your lease, you can hand the phone back to Sprint in good condition and upgrade to a brand-new handset, which you can choose to lease via a new Flex lease plan or pay for in full upfront.

How much does Apple give for trade in?

The program lets you trade in your iPhone, either in-store or online, for credit towards a new phone or towards your monthly payments to your carrier. Trade In offers you as much as $500 for an iPhone XS Max. Here’s everything you need to know about Apple’s Trade In program.

How much will Sprint give me for my iPhone 7?

Is the Sprint trade-in program a good deal?DeviceSprintFlipsyiPhone 7 Plus (Sprint 32GB Black)$105 credit$143 cashiPhone 7 (T-Mobile 32GB Black)$45 credit$90 cashGalaxy S9 Plus (Verizon 32GB Gray)$150 credit$203 cashGalaxy S9 (Verizon 64GB Gray)$110 credit$174 cash12 more rows

Does Sprint give free upgrades?

Yes, there are two ways to upgrade early. Annual upgrades are always included with our iPhone Forever, Galaxy Forever and Sprint Flex Deals programs at no additional cost. You can return your phone and upgrade to the latest model any time after 12 payments. Or if you chose any other phone and the $5/mo.

What happens if you don’t return your phone to Sprint?

Be warned potential Sprint customers, returning a phone is a complicated process which can take months. Even if you return a phone, you could be charged for both the phone and additional fees. If you return a phone within the 14-day trial period of signing up, you’re charged a restocking fee and possibly other costs.

Can you return a broken phone to Sprint?

If your device is damaged and you are preparing to return it, you have a few choices: If you have Sprint Complete protection you can have your device repaired. There may be a fee or deductible for some repairs and/or replacements. … You can pay a damaged device fee to return it as is.

Can Sprint ruin your credit?

Having a Sprint account does not affect your credit score (positively or negatively). If your account is sent to a collections agency due to NOT paying for your service, your account will be reported to the bureaus by that collection agency. As long as you pay in a timely fashion, you have nothing to worry about.

Why do I have to pay to upgrade my phone Sprint?

Sprint pays the difference to get you in a new 2 year commitment. Its basically a trade, they give you a discount on a phone, you keep your service with them. … If you call Customer Care, they are instructed to offer to upgrade you because too many Sprint Customers are leaving the service when they are out of contract.

How much does it cost to upgrade your phone?

When upgrading, there’s an upgrade fee when you buy a new device at retail price or with device payments. The fee is $20 when you upgrade through the My Verizon app or My Verizon online. The fee is $40 when you upgrade in a store or by phone.

Can you trade in phone at Sprint store?

An eligible In-Store trade-in will result in an In-Store Credit or Account Credit. Sprint’s issuance of a Buyback Credit is dependent upon your trade-in of an eligible device. Sprint does not offer cash reimbursement through this Program and has a limited refund policy.

Can you upgrade a damaged phone Sprint?

If you are eligible: A Sprint Owned Retail Store will be able to upgrade your phone with the Upgrade Now fee and Buyback of your current device. To locate a Sprint owned store, go to and make sure to go to a Sprint owned store.