Question: How Much Do You Get Paid At Lululemon?

How much do Lululemon sales associates make?

The typical lululemon Sales Associate makes $14 per hour.

Sales Associate hourly pay at lululemon can range from $12 – $17..

What makes Lululemon so special?

The material is moisture-wicking and allows for a “four-way stretch.” In addition to form and function, Lululemon’s pants are also renowned for their appearance and have become a fashionable item for some. Unlike with sweats and other workout clothes, women often wear Lululemon gear in casual settings.

How much do lululemon educators make per hour?

The typical lululemon Educator makes $14 per hour. Educator hourly pay at lululemon can range from $10 – $19. This estimate is based upon 250 lululemon Educator salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

How much does Spencers pay hourly?

Average Spencer’s Gifts hourly pay ranges from approximately $7.85 per hour for Sales Associate to $15.38 per hour for Store Manager.

How should I dress for a Lululemon interview?

What should you wear to an interview at Lululemon Athletica? Something casual and comfortable that shows your personality, do not wear anything to formal.

What benefits do Lululemon employees get?

Benefits SummaryHealth Insurance (161)Dental Insurance (30)Flexible Spending Account (FSA)Vision Insurance (18)Health Savings Account (HSA)Supplemental Life Insurance.Occupational Accident Insurance.Health Care On-Site.More items…

How old do you have to be work at Target?

16 years oldTo apply for hourly positions at Target stores and our Distribution Centers: You must be at least 16 years old to apply for a Target store job. You must be at least 18 years old to apply for a Target Distribution Center job. You must be able to provide proof of legal aurthorization to work in the United States.

Is Lululemon a good place to work?

Hours were good, and the job was easy. Overall a great place to work at and be a part of. Get ready to have fun and enjoy what you’re doing. … It is very hard to get a job at lululemon, and the reason for this is because they go through multiple interviews to make sure you’re the right fit for the company.

How do I get a job at Lululemon?

Anyone who is interested in applying for a job at Lululemon can visit one of the independent store locations to fill out a paper application. Applicants can also fill out an online application, which is the preferred and most common method for applying.

Do they ID you at Spencers?

Unlike other adult novelty stores in Columbia, Spencer’s does not require patrons to be 18 years of age. … Hart, assistant manager of Spencer’s, said it’s a company rule to ask for identification if the consumer looks a little young. “We are not out to promote pornography,” Hart said.

How long is Lululemon hiring process?

The process took 2 weeks. I interviewed at lululemon (Salt Lake City, UT) in August 2020. The first interview was a group zoom call with the assistant store manager. Due to covid, things are obviously different but it was fun to interact with other people applying for the job.

What is the starting pay at Lululemon?

Salary satisfaction Average lululemon athletica Sales Associate hourly pay in the United States is approximately $14.99, which is 42% above the national average.

What is the employee discount for Lululemon?

Full-time Lululemon employees get a 60% employee discount. Part-time employees under 25 hours get a 40% discount. For markdowns, employees can save up to 75% on the original price. Employees can only buy for themselves with the discount.

Does Spencer pay weekly?

Spencer’s pays biweekly.

Are Lululemon clothes worth the price?

The Verdict If you can afford to spend the money on a few key pieces from Lululemon, like one pair of running shorts, one or two sports bras, and the Reversible 5mm The Mat, it’s worth the money. If you’re on that budget I mentioned earlier, it’s best to only buy one of those necessary items at a time as you need them.

What does lululemon look for in employees?

Lululemon Athletics looks for self-motivated candidates. As a result, managers may ask candidates about future personal, fitness, and career goals, as well.