Question: How Old Is Carole King?

Did Carole King wrote natural woman?

Carole KingJerry WexlerYou Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman/Composers.

What was Carole King’s first hit?

On June 19, 1971, she earned her first #1 single as a performer with the double-sided hit “It’s Too Late/I Feel The Earth Move.” King’s hit single came from one of the best and most popular albums of the singer-songwriter era—an era that Carole King helped usher in.

Were Carole King and James Taylor a couple?

Trying to keep track of King’s husbands and relationships over the succeeding decades is a bit dizzying. But no, she was not romantically involved with her longtime friend and performing partner James Taylor, who she says gave her the confidence to sing and play in front of live audiences.

What is Carole King’s real name?

Carol Joan KleinCarole King, original name Carol Joan Klein, (born February 9, 1942, New York, New York, U.S.), American songwriter and singer (alto) who was one of the most prolific female musicians in the history of pop music.

How did Alex Taylor die?

Alcohol use disorderAlex Taylor/Cause of death

Who married Carole King?

Rick Sorensonm. 1982–1989Rick Eversm. 1977–1978Charles Larkeym. 1970–1976Gerry Goffinm. 1959–1969Carole King/Spouse

What happened to Carole King’s first husband?

Lyricist Gerry Goffin, who cowrote the hits “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow,” “The Loco-Motion” and “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” with his ex-wife Carole King, has died in his home in Los Angeles on Wednesday of natural causes. He was 75.

Who is Carole King’s daughter?

Louise GoffinSherry GoffinMolly LarkeyCarole King/Daughters

Did Carole King do drugs?

Not Carole King’s. The singer-songwriter whose album Tapestry spent six years in the US charts and sold 25 million copies, is a hard worker who drinks in moderation, doesn’t touch drugs and likes to be in bed early and get her full eight hours.

How much is Carole King worth?

Carole King net worth: Carole King is an American songwriter and singer-songwriter who has a net worth of $70 million. Carole King was born to a Jewish family in New York City in 1942.

Is Carole King married now?

Rick Sorensonm. 1982–1989Rick Eversm. 1977–1978Charles Larkeym. 1970–1976Gerry Goffinm. 1959–1969Carole King/Spouse

What famous songs did Carole King write?

19 Popular Songs You Didn’t Know Were Written By Carole KingBobby Vee – ‘Take Good Care Of My Baby’ 1961.Little Eva – ‘The Loco-Motion’ 1962.The Beatles – ‘Chains’ 1963.The Chiffons – ‘One Fine Day’ 1963.The Drifters – ‘Up On the Roof’ 1963.Herman’s Hermits – ‘I’m Into Something Good’ 1964.Dusty Springfield – ‘Goin’ Back’ 1966.The Shirelles – “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” 1960.More items…•

What is Carole King doing now?

Evers died of a cocaine overdose days after they separated in 1978. Her children are musicians Louise Goffin and Sherry Goffin Kondor, artist Molly Larkey, and Levi Larkey. As of November 2018, King lives in Idaho.

Who inspired Carole King?

James TaylorI write heavily under the influence of James Taylor.” Around the same time, King signed to Lou Adler’s Ode label and briefly formed a group called The City with Danny Kortchmar and Charles Larkey; she would later marry Larkey in 1970. The City only put out one album, Now That Everything’s Been Said.

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