Quick Answer: What Does Unretracted Mean?

What does Unretractable mean?


That cannot be revoked, rescinded, gone back on, undone, or unsaid; irrevocable..

What is the meaning of weevils?

(wiːvɪl ) Word forms: plural weevils. countable noun. A weevil is a small insect which feeds on grain and seeds, and destroys crops.

What is a pride?

1 : the quality or state of being proud: such as. a : inordinate self-esteem : conceit. b : a reasonable or justifiable self-respect. c : delight or elation arising from some act, possession, or relationship parental pride. 2 : proud or disdainful behavior or treatment : disdain.

What is a legit?

The definition of legit is slang for legitimate and refers to something that is legal, proper and/or done in conformance with the rules. An example of something that would be described as legit is a job where you earn money without breaking the law.

What is the opposite of retract?

retract. Antonyms: reiterate, repeat. Synonyms: withdraw, recal, revoke, unsay, disavow, recant, abjure, renounce.

What does menagerie mean in English?

1a : a place where animals are kept and trained especially for exhibition. b : a collection of wild or foreign animals kept especially for exhibition.

How do you use retract in a sentence?

Retract sentence examplesHe was forced to retract an opinion too liberal for the time. … He’s never spoken on the phone; it’s only Julie’s word and I’m sure she’d retract anything she said earlier. … Refusing to retract, he was banished. … “Mine don’t retract,” she said with a grimace.More items…

What does intractable mean in medical terms?

Medical Definition of Intractable Intractable: Unstoppable. For example, intractable diarrhea is diarrhea that can’t be stopped, even with medication, and intractable pain is pain that can’t be stopped, even with medication.

What does not intractable mean in medical terms?

Intractable means “hard to control or deal with” and is often used in the medical world to describe a condition that does not respond readily to medication. … Alternatively, if the record states “Tension-type headache, not intractable (i.e., improves with medication),” the ICD-10 code would be G44.

What is another word for retract?

SYNONYMS FOR retract 1, 2 deny, renounce, recant, abrogate, nullify, annul.

Can I retract my resignation?

The general rule is that once an employee has resigned, it cannot be reversed unless the employer agrees to it. There isn’t a legal obligation to accept a cancellation within a certain time-frame. The only situation in which an employee may have a case, is if the resignation is done in the heat of the moment.

What does Alpine mean?

Alpine refers to the Alps, a European mountain range, to the Alpine states associated with the mountain range, or relating to any lofty mountain areas.

How do you get rid of weevils?

Cloves and bay leaves act as natural repellents to weevils. Place a few bay leaves in your dried food containers to ward off these pests, and position several cloves of garlic around your pantry and kitchen to deter these bugs from making a home in your pantry. White vinegar is also known to kill pesky pantry weevils.

What does disgorged mean?

to eject or throw out from the throat, mouth, or stomach; vomit forth. to surrender or yield (something, especially something illicitly obtained). to discharge forcefully or as a result of force.

What does Managery mean?

Noun. management; manner of using; conduct; direction. husbandry; economy; frugality.

What is the meaning of intractable?

adjective. not easily controlled or directed; not docile or manageable; stubborn; obstinate: an intractable disposition. (of things) hard to shape or work with: an intractable metal. hard to treat, relieve, or cure: the intractable pain in his leg.

What is management in simple words?

Definition of Management: The Management Process. Management functions include: Planning, organizing, staffing, leading or directing, and controlling an organization (a group of one or more people or entities) or effort for the purpose of accomplishing a goal.