Quick Answer: What Is Airtel Xstream App?

Can I watch Airtel xstream on TV?

Can I Watch Live TV Through Airtel Xstream Portal.

Yes, live TV functionality is also added on the web version of the Airtel TV.

Airtel Xstream is not just restricted to TV shows and movies, the company is offering live TV shows also.

Presently the company is providing 373 channels to its users on its application..

Does Airtel xstream need smart TV?

The Airtel Xstream stick is essentially an Airtel branded Chromecast-like product with the additional benefit of a bundle of streaming services thrown in for free, at least initially. It does turn a normal TV into an Android smart TV, and that in itself is a good enough reason to buy.

Is Airtel xstream fiber good?

Well, how does 1Gbps sound? That’s right, with the new service, Airtel Xstream Fiber subscribers can enjoy top-notch speeds of up to 1Gbps. This would result in faster download speeds, a smoother and higher quality streaming experience, better gaming and much more.

Is Netflix free with Airtel xstream?

Airtel has stopped offering Netflix free as part of its Xstream broadband services. Airtel is no longer offering free Netflix subscription as part of its Xstream Fiber broadband plans and a similar offer for its postpaid mobile users has also ended.

What is Airtel xstream?

Airtel Xstream Box is a 4K, android-TV based set-top box with Airtel TV integrated from Airtel that gives access to 10000+ Movies, Shows, etc. … With Chromecast inbuilt, now you can simply cast any show, movies, music and much more from your laptop, tablet or mobile phone directly on to your TV.

How do I use Airtel xstream app?

Install the app and open it. Enter your airtel mobile number. Enter the OTP sent to your mobile number. Enjoy Airtel Xstream content.

What is Airtel xstream app premium?

What is the Airtel Xstream App premium offer with Airtel Thanks? As an Airtel Thanks member, you get access to Airtel Xstream App premium, where you can enjoy exclusive content from ZEE5, HOOQ, Eros Now. In addition to this, you can also enjoy 350+ Live TV channels, 10000+ movies & TV shows, etc.

Does Airtel xstream use data?

11-15 MB per minute of video content is consumed. So consider using your TV for 8 hours which means 480 minutes of video. 15*60 = 900 MB’s of data in an hour. 15*480 = 7.2 GB’s of data in 8 hours.

Does Airtel xstream require dish?

It also supports streaming in 4K. Next up, is the Airtel Xstream Stick, which offers most of the features of the Airtel Xstream Box, without access to DTH channels.

Can I install Airtel xstream on Android TV?

For installing the app, you need to open the Play Store on your Android TV, search for the Airtel Xstream app and click on the install button. Once you have installed the app, you can open it. You will be prompted to enter your postpaid or prepaid mobile number associated with the Airtel Xstream account.

Why my Airtel Xstream is not working?

This happens because losing the “Airtel XStream” account under the Android Account settings, to which the mobile number and DTH Account are associated with the box. Navigate to Settings -> Device settings -> Accounts to check the account.

Is Airtel xstream app free for Airtel users?

The Xstream app is available to all Airtel customers free of cost. It currently has over 10,000 shows and over 400 television channels. The app is available on Android via the Google Play Store and iOS via the Apple App Store.

Who can use Airtel xstream?

The Airtel Xstream service is available for all postpaid users, broadband users, Digital TV users and prepaid users who have done a recharge of Rs 199 or more.