Why Jio Fiber Is Expensive?

Is Jio fiber giving free TV?

Launched on August 12, Jio Fiber saw its commercial rollout on September 5.

The service, which has the potential to alter the broadband landscape in India, offers a free HD TV set, free voice calls for life from landline, 100 megabit (mbps) to 1 GBPS broadband speed at a subscription rate of Rs 700 a month..

Why is Jio fiber slow?

If you are accessing the Internet via Wi-Fi router, the speeds will be throttled down to 50Mbps. That’s a degradation of 50 per cent in network speeds. However, JioFiber personnel have said that the lower Wi-Fi speed is due to the single-band router that was provided as part of the package.

How fast is Jio fiber?

Jio Fiber which is a fibre-to-the-home in India, promising high-speed internet, tv video calling, Jio TV, ott apps, and bundled premium content services across 1,600 cities in India. Jio Fiber offers internet speed ranging from 100Mbps to 1 Gbps.

Is Jio fiber a flop?

Jio Fiber is not expected to flop. People do not see the brilliance of the plan because most of the people analysing and reviewing the plan are: Teenagers downloading games illegally from torrent over night. People analyzing internet connection in terms of unlimited data and average speed.

Is Jio Giga fiber good?

It shows 96Mbps download speed while the upload speed is 81Mbps. This is pretty good if you are promised 100Mbps speeds. Although, Jio GigaFiber is not the only internets service in India to offer this speed. … Jio, even with the free Jio GigaFiber preview offer, already gives 1100GB data.

Which Jio fiber plan is best?

Reliance Jio Giga Fiber Data Plans are categorized as follows:Reliance Jio’s Bronze Plan. Price: ₹699. Speed: 100MBPS(Unlimited) … Reliance Jio’s Silver Plan. Price: ₹849. … Reliance Jio’s Gold Plan. Price: ₹1299. … Reliance Jio’s Diamond Plan. Price: ₹2499. … Reliance Jio’s Platinum Plan. Price: ₹3999. … Reliance Jio’s Titanium Plan.

Will Jio DTH consume data?

I was earlier informed that the data consumption of Jio STB will not be counted in the regular Internet plan. The channel subscription will be billed separately – which means even if you play your TV via Jio STB 24×7 – you will not pay anything extra.

Is Jio Fiber expensive?

The cheapest plan of Jio Fiber starts from ₹699 which comes with 100MB/s speed with only 100GB+50GB monthly data usage. Even the basic plan is very expensive according to us if you consider the data usage. … After 6 months, Jio Fiber will offer 100GB monthly data only.

Is Jiofiber worth buying?

Its worth buying for a middle class person also fot the following reasons. 1. If there are 2 to 3 smartphones which are used at home mainly then the Jiofiber landline number can be configured in smartphone through jiocall app. So if average of Rs 200 is recharged per number then approx 500 to 600 rupees is saved.

Can I watch TV with Jio fiber?

The IPTV service of Jio Fiber can access the traditional channels through the OTT apps, though that will depend on the availability of channels. But, those who watch Live TV much and want more channels might have to go for a separate set-top box for extra money likely.

Which is better Jio fiber or Airtel?

However, down the line, Airtel offers more data compared to JioFiber. The 500GB plan costs Rs 2,499 on JioFiber, while Airtel offers 600GB data at Rs 1,599. Same goes with Rs 2,499 plan as it only provides 1,250GB data, Airtel offers unlimited data at a relatively lower price.